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Our franchisees are fantatical about their businesses. But don't take our word for it
- read testimonials from current Pacific Pride franchisees:

"We started to sense the benefits of the change. Pacific Pride has introduced a broader perspective in our marketing efforts. New products, sales aids, equipment and a different approach to new site development have been beneficial to us. Today we see a management team with a forward looking perspective - one that uses the resources of Pacific Pride to make our business better."

— Bernie Lockard, Lockard Oil
Indiana, PA

"The partnership with Pacific Pride has broadened our card acceptance base which in turn has enhanced our total marketing package. Also, to have the functionality of a 'two card system' on a single card makes for a great selling tool for prospects."

— Rob Jewell, Tri Star Energy
Nashville, TN

"We are excited about the new marketing tools Pacific Pride has introduced having seen positive results with the very first program we utilized."

— Doug Van Hattum,
Refined Marketers
Grand Rapids, MI